Special Offers

Exclusive Offers For Uninsured New Patients*

*If patient has dental insurance, the insurance must be billed

Offer Ends April, 30 2022

FREEChildren Under Three for Free

Bring your child in before their 3rd birthday and receive a complimentary initial examination (ADA code D145) and oral hygiene instructions for a lifetime of Endless Smiles.

$50Complete Kid-Friendly Dental Examination

New patients save on a comprehensive doctor’s exam (ADA code D0150).

**For some patients, digital diagnostic x-rays may be required.

$70Children’s Dental Cleaning & Flouride

New patients save on a professional dental cleaning and topical fluoride application (ADA codes D1120 and D1208). Dental examination also required.

Save $500Complete Orthodontic Treatment for Adults & Children

Receive $500 off complete orthodontic treatment of 2 years or more for both adults and children. Call for more details.

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